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In today’s global economy, using a professional translation services allows you to efficiently conduct business — in any language, and gives you the comfort that your personal, business documents or corporate projects conform to the strict international quality standards.
With over 10 years of experience and constant dedication to our customers, Apoling Solutions has become one of the most inventive and reputable professional translation agencies in Brooklyn, New York. We have built our company on fundamental principles of quality, promptness, integrity and customer satisfaction, and we continue to live up to those codes today, with over a 99.8% clients satisfaction rating.

Translation services we provide

Apoling strives to provide reliable written, oral and audio translations of the highest quality to those who have translation and globalization needs at a competitive price. We offer accurate and well – written translations from/into more than 52 languages, including: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Polish, GreekRussian, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Lithuanian, and Latvian, and the areas of our expertise are:

All official translations are performed, edited and proofread by experienced and skilled linguists from around the world, who are native speakers, have advanced written and verbal fluency in both English and their native language, and vast knowledge of the field of his/her expertise.

Certified translatio services nyc brooklyn

Certified translation agency NYC

Apoling Solutions follows the strictest standards for certification, and being a Corporate Member of the ATA successfully fulfills its requirements. Professional translators attest to the accuracy of all Apoling’s certified translations, and each page of your translation is sealed to diminish the possibility of fraud.

Many people wonder what a certified translation is, why a translation should be certified, and question if they can perform the professional translation on their own.

In contrary to a regular translation a certified translation creates a legal record. That’s why different governmental organizations and agencies – and even non-governmental organizations such as private universities – have the following legal requirements that the certified translation should meet:

1. Translation of the document must be accurate.

2. The translator must certify the accuracy of the translation by signing the affidavit of accuracy.

3. The translation must be completed by approved translation agency, done on company’s letterhead, containing agency’s address and phone number

4. Translator’s signature may be notarized; however, the notary stamp is not necessary

We assure that educational institutions, governmental agencies, including the USCIS and the Department of State, professional organizations such as WES, financial institutions, such as banks, mortgage or  investment companies, and courts throughout the United States and in more than fifty jurisdictions around the world accept the translations done by Apoling.

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Interpreting services

Interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous or whispered) is oral translation of a speech, a paper at a conference or an interview.  Interpreting happens whenever two people or two groups of people do not share a common language but need to or want to communicate with each other in order to conduct business or share information and ideas. As with translations, there are sworn interpretations, and the Apoling Solutions is the right place where you can find them.

Whether you need an on-site interpreter or an over the phone interpreter (OPI), we are here to fulfill these needs. We have interpreters for any language in the world, who will accompany you to immigration interviews, asylum interviews, court hearings, attorney or doctor offices, medical facilities or financial institutions. We’ll be on your side in different situations, matters or places – wherever you need us!

Please, take into consideration that the translators whom we choose to work with are bound by strict confidentiality and privacy agreements, and adhere best to industry practices.