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Audio and video translation services are still essential in many fields. Likewise, video translation services are still necessary in countless industries such as the legalbusiness, marketing, finance, education and healthcare industries.

Audio and video transcribing/translations for legal purposes

In a criminal or a civil case, a foreign language recording may be introduced into evidence. Such a recording may be audio or video, analog or digital. The contents of the recording are memorialized in a transcript, produced by a language expert at the request of the court, prosecutor, defense counsel, or a law enforcement agency. To be reliable, a forensic transcript must meet stringent courts requirements nationwide.  If a translated transcript is inaccurate, incomplete, or sloppy, its evidentiary value is undermined. As a result, time and resources may be wasted.

The Apoling Solutions’ proficient audio and video translators stay up-to-dated with the essential requirements of the National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT) and the USA Courts, and deliver the most accurate and precise translation of any audio or video material intended to be used for a hearing. Big or small, we can handle your project from start to finish, and basic individual services that we offer include:




Video Editing


Audio/video materials translation for business

If you’re a growing international business, chances are you’ve considered international video marketing. Translating your videos serves more than a single purpose of making your content understandable to your foreign audience. According to recent statistics, over 70% of Internet users speak other language than English as their native. For this vast market, translation, subtitling and captioning creates a great opportunity for spreading your message internationally and gain wider interests in your company. Whether you need to translate short advertising spots, commercials, documentaries, promotional videos or sales presentation, the Apoling Solutions audio and visual translators can provide you with the highest – quality translation of any file into/from English,  and, consequently,  help you expand into new markets and reach a global audience.

Audio/video educational materials translation

With the era of the internet, the lack of limits in the access to educational audio/video training programs has brought a lot of advantages with it, but also some challenges. One of the latter is the language barrier: we all want to receive education materials in our own language, to make to make it more understandable and easy to learn. Our experienced e-Learning translator will help you to overcome the language barriers and establish a multilingual learning environment. Whether you have video/audio training, tutorials, virtual classrooms or discussion forums, which require translation into a foreign language, the linguists of the Apoling Solutions are here to provide you with most accurate and consistent audio/video translation within time – frames specified by you.

Our translators

No computer program can approach the accuracy of manual audio and video translation services, and those who need accurate translations will want to go with a provider they can trust.

The Apoling Solutions is a reliable resource for international language production services for individuals and companies. Our audio visual translation specialists provide high-quality audio/visual localization and translation of various multimedia formats including videos, audio recordings, films, presentations, and more.

Our customers have trusted us for years and our translation service process is simple.  Contact us today to find out if we can help you reach and speak to your target audience. Our translation agency is located in Brooklyn, NYC, but we serve clients nationwide and internationally too by offering video/audio transcribing and translation from/into Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Hebrew, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and many other languages.

Translations will be certified by affidavit upon request. All our translators sign confidentiality agreements.