Diploma certified translation Brooklyn New York

Educational document types we translate

Apoling Solutions is a top – rated professional translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC, offering widely accepted certified translations from 52+ languages of any types of educational documents, including, but not limited to:

Secondary School Diploma Academic Transcript Term Paper Recommendation Letters
Elementary School Diploma Attachment to Diploma Research Paper Proof of Income for academic purposes
Higher Education Diploma Course Description Final Qualification Paper Vaccination cards for school enrollment
Records of Final Grades Diploma of Professional Education Study Confirmation references Form I-20A translation for foreign consulates and embassies
Academic Reference College Diploma translation Letters from School Principal School reference for consulates
University Diploma Special Achievements Certificates Rector’s Recommendation Letter Bank Statements for academic purposes
Academic Record Awards Certificate translation Dean Reference Education Materials and Pamphlets

The official translations provided by the Apoling Solutions’ qualified linguists meet all requirements regarding certified translation, specified by the ATA, USCIS, and other governmental institutions in the USA and overseas  – each document is printed out on our company’s letterhead, contain an affidavit of a translator, signed by the linguist and notarized by a Notary Public.  Working for years with New York clients and those who reside out of state, we’ve completed translation of  hundreds of educational documents listed above, and guarantee acceptance by educational institutions or employers in the USA or overseas.

When you may need certified document translation

If you plan to start your studies in the USA, continue your education here, enroll your children into elementary, middle or high school or teach in the United States, you’ll, definitely, be asked to submit certified translations of your educational documents, issued overseas.

If you already have been admitted for studies and need to transfer your credits, so that you do not have to take and pay once again for the courses you’ve already taken in your country, certified translation of the course description of the particular subject may be required as well.

If you are asked by a college to present the evaluation of your foreign diploma, such generally recognized evaluation centers as WES, ECE or Globe, also will make you to present certified translation of your diploma and transcript for initiating the academic credential evaluation process.

Also consider that if you came from a foreign country to study in the USA or brought your children here and intend to enroll them into a public school, you may be requested to provide documentation that shows that the children are fully vaccinated for their age or have a medical reason not to be vaccinated. If the vaccinations were done in a foreign country, you would be asked for a proof – a certified translation of the Immunization Card or Book, what we can help you with as well.

Languages we translate and professional translators

Apoling Solutions linguists perform certified written and audio educational translations from Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Hebrew, Serbian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and many other languages. We are a Corporate Member of the ATA (American Translators Association). Thus, we are committed to conform to the strict standards and legal requirements regarding certified translations of educational documents. Apoling Solutions stands by any translation done in our agency and, by hiring exceptionally knowledgeable professional translators in this or that particular educational or scientific field guarantees that the documents will be accepted by any school, college or university. If they will be rejected, we refund the money you’ve paid.

Please, contact us for a free quote. If you are in rush, expedited rush translation services are also available.