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Financial translations

As globalization continues at a rapid rate, individuals, small businesses and bigger corporations redouble their efforts to communicate financial information in  foreign languages.

Multinational corporations have their operations spread across the globe, and it is most often the case that they have to generate various reports, sales forecasts, policy documents and other business documentation translated into foreign languages for submission to their local management, and also to their headquarters abroad.

International students are frequently asked to submit proof of income in order to provide evidence that they can support themselves for their entire course of studies in the USA or overseas. Therefore, presenting translations of tax returns, bank statements, affidavits of support and sponsors’ income statements is often the first step in the educational institution enrollment process.

Individuals who intend to purchase or sell real estate property in a foreign country often need to present translated property tax records, mortgage loan documentation and annual reports to banks, accounting firms, brokerages, real estate offices, insurance companies, investment firms or government agencies to initiate the transaction.

Types of financial documents we translate

Apoling Solutions is focused on providing consistent, well-defined, meaningful and properly formatted financial document translation services to private and legal entities locally and nationally. Among the basic financial documents that we officially translate are:

 Annual Reports
Tax Reports
SEC-required reports
Income Statements
Balance Sheets
Cash Flow Statements
Audit Reports
Government Tax Reports
Financial Reporting Guidelines
Business Plans
Fact Sheets
Sales Projections
Private and Public Offerings
Shareholder Communications
Investors Reports
Policy Documents
Insurance Related Documents

Commitment to excellence

We have cognitive approach to every single project, because we are aware that there is no place for ambiguities or flaws when it comes to financial document sworn translation. Financial translation should be clear in content, accurate, flawless and formatted the way to mirror the appearance of the document original. Obscure and haphazardly prepared financial translations can have damaging effect on your business or personal matters. Therefore, we are determined to carefully match exceptionally skillful translators with apt projects, taking into consideration level of their linguistic proficiency in source and target language, mastery of legal and stock terms and financial terminology and ability to pay attention to details.

Financial translation and privacy

We also understand that financial documents are veiled in an atmosphere of privacy and confidentiality; hence, our translators who are privy to sensitive documents are fully aware of their obligation to maintain fidelity and secrecy, as clients are placing their documents in the hands of the translator with implicit trust in the service provided by us.

Financial document translation rates

Since the translation prices vary, because they depend on type of financial document required certified translation, language pair, number of source and targeted words, length and format of the document, and time frames in which the translation should be accomplished, please, contact us for estimation.