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Legal translation services

No matter what type of legal document you need translated, Apoling Solutions can provide you with efficient, precisely – formatted and cost-effective legal document translation services (certified, sworn, linguistic summaries and “for information purposes only”) from/into 52+ languages following the NAJIT requirements regarding legal translation services. We serve a wide range of customers including individuals, paralegals, attorneys, courts, police, private companies and public corporations by offering professional, accurate and properly formatted legal document translation of:

Certificates of Police Clearance
Legal Letters and Statements
Affidavits and Statements
Wills and Trusts
Prenuptial Agreements
Divorce Decrees
Summons and Complaints
Court and Witness Transcripts
Expert Reports
Legal Disclaimers
Legal Certifications
Litigation Documents
Court Notes and Judgments
Translation of Evidence
Confidentiality Agreements
Legal Ruling Reports
Foreign Statutes
Articles of Law

Professional legal translations

Legal document translation requires a higher degree of skills than other types of translations, because they necessitate mastery of legal language, in – deepth  understanding of pertinent legal terminology and legal systems of the source and target languages, proper level of translator’s linguistic proficiency, precision, consistency and ability to meet strict time frames. Each country has its own legal terminology as well as distinct legal system. More often than not, this is also different between countries with common languages. The aim of legal translation is not to diminish linguistic and cultural differences, but to accommodate them, fully and unapologetically, which is what our translators successfully do.

Strict Deadlines

Legal document translation also carries more strict deadlines than other projects, because when the translated documents are needed, particularly in court, the USCIS or other governmental institutions, and delays might have costly results and render the document null and void and result in your case denial. Therefore, by assigning the correct translator – expert to the project, we ensure that the legal translation services you’ve entrusted us with is correct, without ambiguity and complies with your required schedule.

Legal document translation and confidentiality

When it comes to legal document translation services, confidentiality is paramount because almost all legal documents contain personal sensitive data. Thus, we sign confidentiality agreements with our clients to protect their interests and privacy, and ensure that all our certified (sworn) translators of legal documents  and personnel abide by these agreements. If you are interested in getting a free quote for legal document translation services, please contact us. We’ll promptly respond to your request within an hour – with translation rates and a time frame for turnaround.