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Who may need medical translation services

In today’s globalized world the demand for professional medical translation services has been rapidly increasing. Whether you are localizing documentation to accompany your product into worldwide deployment, translating such types of medical documents as patient data, epicrisis, medical examination reports and medical textbooks or preparing clinical research reports for publication, Apoling Solutions’ experts are here to serve your needs.

The reason is that more than ever, people are choosing to undertake in-patient and out-patient medical and preventive treatments overseas, because the better quality of medical care in different countries; doctors may opt to prescribe medications produced by foreign pharmaceutical companies, because there are no analogue in the domestic market; and medical offices and hospitals import medical devices and equipment, because they are offered at more competitive prices by foreign manufacturers. Also, young people are motivated to continue medical education abroad to enhance professional and academic experience and scientists are frequently invited to participate in international conferences, clinical research studies and trials to share knowledge and practical skills with the foreign colleagues. As a result, translation of medical documents has grown to be an essential link in communication between clinics, specialists and patients, scientists and their partners overseas, students and foreign educational institutions.

Medical document translation

Apoling Solutions makes every effort to provide precise, culturally accurate, well-composed certified medical translations from/into over 52+ languages for any type of the medical document or text, including:

Medical Exam Report translation
– Medical History translation
– Epicrisis translation
– Vaccination Card translation
– Diagnosis Reports translation
– Symptoms Description translation
– Prescription translation
– Medical Policies and Procedures Description translation
– Instructions for Medication Usage translation
– Pharmaceutical Documentation translation
– Medical Equipment Manuals translation
– Clinical Trial Documentation translation
– Scientific Research

Qualified medical translators

Being aware of the serious consequences of incorrectly performed medical translations, such as misleading medical employees or authorities, complications with admittance to an educational institution or even putting a patient’s life at risk; we assign the tasks of medical translation only to the most competent certified translators who are doctors, teachers in Medical Colleges or biomedical engineers. Our specialists have comprehensive skills in source and target language, in-depth knowledge of your particular medical field, are masters of medical abbreviations and terminology, and are trained to pay attention to every single detail. These translators are extremely highly vetted and quality controlled by Apoling Solutions’ medical editors and proofreaders, who finalize the multi – step process of medical translation by double-checking every word, abbreviation, phrase, sentence and format for correctness.

Medical editing

If you have made an attempt to translate medical document on your own, and have certain doubts regarding it, we offer medical translation editing services for affordable price and in prompt time frames.

For more information about medical document translations, please get in touch with us. Our team of experts will be glad to provide you with a Free Quote as well as answer any question that you may have. You also can visit our translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC to discuss the details of your medical translation project. We’ll be glad to assist!

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