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Certified translation of documents

While the translation of personal documents, such as Vital Records, Passport, ID, Driver License or personal letter or statement may seem comparatively easy and it may be tempting to translate these documents on your own, it could prove to be a costly mistake. Governmental offices and official institutions (such as courts, INS, USCIS, etc.) disapprove of the translation of such personal documents if they are not properly certified by official translation agency.

If you require translated documents for submission to a government agency or are required to produce a “certified translation,” you should employ a capable translator or reputable translation service agency that guarantees that the translation will meet the USCIS, courts or educational institutions’ standards described below:

– The translation must be accurate, correct and formatted as close to original as possible

– The translation must bear a signed and dated statement from the translator certifying that he or she is competent to translate and that the translation is accurate.

– The certification statement (also known as Affidavit of Translator) should include the certifier’s full legal name, address, date of certification, a statement of the translator’s competency and the accuracy of the translation and the translator’s signature.

Vital Records and personal documents that we translate

Apoling Solutions, an approved certified translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC, is committed to the delivery of consistent, affordable, same–day certified translations of a wide range of personal documents such as:

Birth Certificates – one of the most important documents required for immigration related matters, including Green Card renewal or getting a Green Card through marriage with a USA citizen, sponsoring parents or relatives, etc.

Marriage Certificate – often requested by the USCIS, when you file a Relative Petition or by the Social Security office, when you file for public assistance or cash benefits.

Divorce Certificate the main document, which must be submitted, along with any of the USCIS petitions, presented to court if you file for child support or are looking for social security benefits.

Death Certificate and Exemplification Letter – a significant document for USCIS purposes to prove how your marriage ended, transportation of the deceased overseas or a Will administration

Criminal Records and FBI Background check –  the documents required by the USCIS in particular stages of immigration cases processing.

Foreign Passports and IDs – the documents frequently requested by educational institutions at the time of enrollment, the USCIS and attorney offices.

Foreign or American Driver License – which you may be asked to submit to the DMV or  insurance companies in order to prove that you are authorized to drive an automobile in the relevant jurisdiction and how many years of driving experience you have.

Personal Letters, Statements and Affidavits – which may be requested for any purposes by any government agency, private organization or individuals.

Business Correspondence and Emailstranslation of which you may need before submitting documents to a court, business partners or attorneys.

Employment Confirmation Referenceswhich may be required by a prospective employer or company, who may want to find out more about your professional experience overseas.

The Apoling Solutions offers certified translation services from/into ArabicAlbanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, HungarianItalian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, Uzbek and many, many other languages.

We’ll provide you with a word-for-word translation, format each document as closely as possible to the original, and deliver it the time and day you need it. Same – day, urgent translation services are available as well.

If you are looking for reliable personal document translation services NYC, send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a free quote. We also provide professional translation services for Staten Island, Queens, NY, NJ, PA, CT and other states. Email us a document and receive a hard copy of translation and the notarized original by regular or express mail.