Technical document translation services brooklyn new york
Do you need a quick and professional technical translation services? Do you desire the personal touch of working with a courteous and prompt project manager? Then look no further, for Apoling Solutions is for you!

Accurate technical translations

For many years Apoling Solutions has been a leading translation agency for technical documents translation from across the world. Have no fear of sloppy technical translations by translators who aren’t native speakers of the target language or who have no background in the technical field. Every technical translator whom we assign your project to is a specialist in technical field and native speaker of the target language, with years of translating experience and technical background. You can fully trust that your technical translations will be accurate and flow naturally, because each translation project is treated with equal commitment to excellence.

Types of technical documents we translate

Instruction Manual
User’s Specification Guide
Technical Specifications
Operation Policy and Procedures
Training Materials
Primary Research
Evaluation Reports
Bill of Materials
Technical Background Report
Standards and Compliance Documents



No hampering technicalities

Because all translators are experts in their technical subject areas, you can rest assured that they know their field inside and out. For example, you will never have an expert in automotive technology translating your software text. This would leave far too much room for error from even the most seasoned of translators. Your software text will only ever be translated by software specialists or your mechanical engineering text by mechanical engineering specialists. Our translation agency works hard to pair your technical translation texts with the appropriate translators, the masters of complicated technical terminology and vast experience in the field.

Precise document formatting

Not only is our translation agency backed by this assurance of accuracy, but Apoling’s translators will also return your certified technical translations in the same format as the source text. This will save you the time of reformatting your text and allow you to immediately begin using it. Most technical translations are delivered in MS Word. However, we also support InDesign, XML and Adobe.

Apoling Solutions’ professional freelancers also work nights and weekends to give quick returns on your documents, and the use of freelancers ensures competitive deals for you! Before you know it, your technical translation will be back in your hands, accurate, professional, and ready to use. Contact us via email, phone or ask for a free quote via this website! We also welcome you to visit out translation agency in Brooklyn, NYC to discuss the details and specifics of your project.