Whether you file a relative petition for your parents, spouse or siblings, working on bringing your fiancée to the United States or apply for the U.S. citizenship for yourself, there is a list of the documents you are to present to the U.S. Immigration authorities along with the application and payment.

Since your (or people whom you are filing for) documents are not in English language, the USCIS will ask you for the translation of the documents from a foreign language into English.  Furthermore, you will be asked not just for a translation, but for the certified translation for immigration purposes which has to meet the set forth by the immigration guidelines and requirements for translations for the USCIS.

  1. The translation shall be done by a translation agency in the U.S. accredited by the American Translator’s association.
  2. The translation shall be accompanied by the Affidavit of Accuracy, printed on a letterhead of the translation agency. The letterhead shall contain an address, phone and email contact of the company certifying the translation.
  3. Finally, the translation shall be notarized.  This means that the above said affidavit of accuracy shall be signed by a translator before Notary Public who notarized the signature.

Thus, the best way to ensure your translations for USCIS are done properly is to hire a reputable translation agency experienced with certified translations, familiar with immigration cases and procedures and requirements regarding translations for USCIS.

transaltions for USCISDocuments required translation for USCIS

  • Vital Records: birth certificate, marriage, certificates, divorce decrees, judgement of divorce or divorce decree, Family Books
  • Police Clearance certificate
  • Medical records, vaccinations books, vaccinations cards, hospital discharge references, medical treatment references, doctor’s statements etc.
  • Residence confirmation certificates or books
  • Refugees status confirmation documents
  • Police Clearance certificates from overseas
  • Letters of Support
  • Bank Statements
  • Court Decision
  • Adoption confirmation documents
  • Parenthood verification certificate, orders and decisions

Why chose us to translate documents for the USCIS

  1. Our certified translations meet the exact requirements and specifications established by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
  2. Apoling is a reputable Member of the American Translators Association and provide the USCIS with our unique registration number, verifiable and provable.
  3. Although it is not necessary, we reproduce up to 90% of the format of the translated document so that an immigration officer will never question where this or that information came from or belong to. Thus, you interview will be smooth and stress – free.
  4. 24 hours turnaround without compromising quality – ensured by our team of 100+ linguists.
  5. With 100% guarantee of translation approval by the USCIS you do not have to worry about future of your immigration case.
  6. We provide certification and notarization of the translation for No additional fee.
  7. We stamp every single page of the translation, affidavit of accuracy and photocopies of the source documents by a special certification embossed seal to prevent fraud.

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How to order a translation for USCIS

  1. Provide us with the scan or digital photo of the document, in PDF or JPEG. No originals are required to start the translation – just make sore the scans or pictures will be clear, legible and in high resolution.
  2. Send them by requesting a free quote via this site. You do not have to come to our office. You do not have to mail the originals or copies. Just EMAIL US  DIGITAL versions.
  3. Receive a FREE ESTIMATION
  4. Make payment by phone or PayPal
  5. Get your documents translation for immigration – both via email and mail.

You can find here the list of languages we provide the translations from. If you do not see you language, please contact you. We’ll try all our best to help you.