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Apoling Solutions is a New York-based professional translation agency with office in Brooklyn specializing in the Turkish – English and English to Turkish translations. We provide certified, precisely formatted, always available and budget – friendly translations for immigration, educational and official purposes.

Professional Turkish translations

Whether you are an individual with occasional Turkish translation needs such as translating personal letters, vital records (birth, marriage or divorce certificates), diplomas or transcripts, bank statements, a power of attorney, utility bills or proof of income documents, a company requiring frequent translations of business contracts, agreements, patents or marketing materials or a corporation looking for business opportunities in Turkey or the USA and need to translate certificate of incorporation, by – laws, articles of incorporation etc., Apoling Turkish translators are here to assist.
Our distinguished team of professional translators with vast experience both in the United States and in Turkey, and focuses on Turkish business environment, Turkish language specifics, Turkish law and culture in order to meet our clients’ requirements in the most efficient way.

Translators from Turkish into English

Turkish is actually a dialect of the family of Turkic languages that dates back to as early as 8th century, originating in Central Asia. Accordingly, in order to produce premium quality translation from or into Turkish, a Turkish translator should understand a variety of dialects which include but are not limited to Anatolian dialects (spoken in different regions within the country), Balkan dialects (spoken in countries like Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and Romania) and Meskhetian dialect (spoken in those countries that had been part of the former Soviet Union, such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan).

At Apoling Solutions we employ exclusively translators who are native speakers, familiar with the various dialects, have good command in Turkish and English and are experts in specialty fields such as:

Turkish medical translation
Turkish legal document translation
Turkish technical translation
– Turkish healthcare document translation
Turkish financial document translation
Turkish business documents translation
Turkish contracts translation
– Turkish agreements translation
– Turkish patents translation
– Turkish court decree translation
– Turkish judgment translation
– Turkish translation for Real Estate transactions
– Turkish website translation
– Turkish scientific documents translation
Turkish translation for immigration
Turkish translation for green card

Certified Turkish to English translations

All Turkish translations produced by our linguists are certified. We are a corporate member of the American Translators Association and ensure that Turkish translations done in our agency meet strict requirement of the USCIS, schools, universities, attorneys, courts, banks, mortgage companies, government and official agencies in the USA and overseas.
Our clients always express their appreciation of our services, because our Project Managers are trustworthy and always available either by phone or e-mail. Thus, you can be secured for a project in the tightest deadline.

Contact our certified translation services agency in Brooklyn, NYC for Turkish into English and for English into Turkish document translation rates, or to retain a qualified Turkish interpreter for your court hearing, deposition or medical appointment. Rates are negotiable, but quality is not!