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Do you have a document in Ukrainian and need to translate it into English?
Looking for official Ukrainian translation services because your documents are issued in the USA and you intend to present them in Ukraine along with certified translation into Ukrainian?
Need a power of attorney composed in Ukrainian language and complying with in legal requirements of Ukraine?

If so, you’ve found just the right specialists to assist you in your Ukrainian translation and document preparation for Ukraine!

Ukrainian to English translation service

In order to meet the needs of Ukrainian immigrants in New York and other states, our ATA certified professional Ukrainian translators and editors provide

Official certified translation of Ukrainian documents:

Ukrainian birth certificate translation
Ukrainian marriage certificate translation
– Ukrainian death certificate translation
Ukrainian Judgment of Divorce translation
– Ukrainian court document translation translation
Ukrainian Diplomas, transcripts and course descriptions translation
Ukrainian Academic references
– Ukrainian police clearance certificates translation
Ukrainian medical histories and epicrisis
Ukrainian Vaccination Record cards translation
Ukrainian corporate document translation
– Ukrainian Driver license translation
Ukrainian banking documents translation
– Ukrainian references translation
Video and audio transcribing and translation

All translations performed by our professional Ukrainian translators, who are native speakers, are well –written, precisely formatted and meet legal requirement regarding certified translations. Thus, we assure that documents, carefully crafted by our professional translators,  are accepted by governmental, judicial and other authorities in the United States, Ukraine and other countries.

Ukrainian to English certified translations

Certified translations are accompanied by an Affidavit of Accuracy, signed by a translator and notarized by a licensed notary public. We are a corporate member of the American Translators’ Association, thus, the affidavit of accuracy produced by our agency is accepted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, courts in the USA and Ukraine, notary public offices in Ukraine, social security offices, schools, colleges and universities, medical facilities and, of course, by academic credential evaluation centers such as WES, ECE, GLOBE and other.

Apoling Solutions also provides non – certified translation services from Ukrainian into English and from English into Ukrainian of personal letters, emails, business correspondence, advertising materials, technical documentation and manuals, web sites translation and localization, etc.

Fields of specialty

We provide accurate and reasonably priced and well- written translations in different fields:
– Ukrainian medical translation
– Ukrainian legal translation service
– Ukrainian technical translation services
– Ukrainian healthcare translation service
– Ukrainian financial translation services
– Ukrainian certified translation service
– Ukrainian notarized translations
Ukrainian to English translation of documents

English to Ukrainian document translation

If you have a Will, Testament, Power of Attorney, Corporate documents such as by – laws, certificate of incorporation, articles of incorporation, contracts or agreements, and need to submit the documents with the Ukrainian authorities, we will provide you with accurate professional legal translation into Ukrainian. Our translators have excellent command in English and Ukrainian, deep knowledge of Ukrainian legal terminology and legal English and Ukrainian languages, ensuring the highest translation quality and meeting the strictest time frames.

If you intend to use your English to Ukrainian translation overseas, we will legalize the affidavit by obtaining an Apostille Certificate for it.

Ukrainian documents retrieval

If you reside in the USA, but need to retrieve your documents in Ukraine (Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Death certificate, Court Judgment) or need a power of attorney, a statement or an affidavit drafted in Ukrainian, we can assist you in document preparation as well.

Ukrainian translations and Apostille

Ukraine is a party of the Hague Convention (1961), what means that any document issued or notarized in the USA or any other country, should be apostilled in order to be recognized in Ukraine – by Ukrainian official and legal authorities or by officials in a Ukrainian Consulate.
Apoling Solutions translators, Notaries and Apostille Agents can help you to draw a document in Ukrainian (a Power of Attorney, Statement, Affidavit, etc.), obtain and Apostille Certificate on your document, translate the document along with Apostille Certificate from English into Ukrainian. We prepare your documents in accordance with requirements of Ukraine and international legal regulations properly and in time.

How to order Ukrainian translation or document preparation service

Our professional translators and notaries are proud to serve New York City metro area (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Seattle, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, San Jose, Sacramento, Orange County and other cities and states. If you reside out of state –
– Scan or make a picture of your document
– Email it to us
– Receive a quote
– Make payment
– Get your documents via regular, certified, priority, FedEx or DHL mail next business day.

For free quote, please contact us via the website or give us a call. We’ll be glad to assist!