Urdu to English translation services
Urdu is the national language in Pakistan about and an official language of five Indian states. It is spoken by 70 million people around the world – people living in Pakistan and Indian immigrants in the USA and other countries.

Apoling Solutions is committed to help those who are dealing with official agencies, government authorities and private institutions in the United States and overseas by offering certified, flawless and fairly – rated translations from Urdu into English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and many other languages. Our professional translators have unmatched linguistic skills and will take into account Urdu dialects and specifics of the language, the relevant cultural context and subject matter being translated.

Providing quality English to Urdu  and Urdu to English translation services is a cultural and linguistic challenge and Apoling Solutions strives to break the language barriers by making the communication between people effortless.

Urdu document translation services NYC

If you need to present a document produced in Urdu before a USA court, immigration authorities, educational institutions and looking for a translation agency in NYC or Brooklyn who will be able to provide you with certified document translation services, Apoling Solutions is just the right place to stop by.

We translate a wide range of documents – Birth, Marriage, Divorce certificates, passports, diplomas, transcripts and personal documents as well as complicated courts judgments, medical exams reports and bank statements and guarantee that the translation will be accepted wherever you intend to present it.

Urdu translation industries

We have a plethora of over 1000 linguists who are native speakers, and are operating in and out of the USA. Thus, you can be assured that by using services of the Apoling Solutions’ linguists you will always get professionally done translations from Urdu, the fastest and the most efficient translation service in NYC metro area.

All translators we work with are American Translators Association certified and are experts in different industries, including:

Urdu Legal translation
Medical translation from/into Urdu
Financial translation from Urdu
Urdu Business document translation
Urdu Technical translation
Urdu Educational Document translation
– Urdu Interpreting Services
Urdu Technical translation

Translation from English to Urdu and document legalization

If your document is issued by the USA official agency, notarized by an American notary, and you intend to present it in Pakistan, the document and its translation into Urdu should undertake embassy legalization procedure in order to be recognized and accepted by authorities in Pakistan.

As of today, Pakistan is not a member of the Hague Convention (Apostille Convention) and has special regulations regarding foreign documents legalization.

Apoling Solutions’ translators, notaries and legalization specialists work hand by hand when it comes to document legalization for use in Pakistan. With us you’ll save time and efforts, because each step in the “chain” legalization will be completed by us properly and promptly.

How to order Urdu translation services

Our professional translation agency is conveniently located in New York (Bensonhurst, Brooklyn), and we welcome you to visit us personally. However, if you reside in another borough or state, scan or make a picture of your document, send it via email, receive a free quote, pay via PayPal or phone, and get your translation by regular, overnight, FedEx or DLH mail.

If you have questions regarding your project or need a translation urgently, call us and discuss the details of your project with project manager. We are always here to help!