Apostille of court documents and judgement NYC
Having in-depth understanding of every single aspect of civil situations that individuals can be put in, and knowing well the requirements of the non-USA courts and government agencies regarding legal documents apostille, the Apoling Solutions’ Notaries and Apostille Agents have been offering for years professional Consular Legalization and Apostille services such as:

Apostille on Judgment of Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage or Divorce Decree

If you are seeking to get married in a foreign county authentication of the above mentioned documents might be required in order to prove that your previous marriage was legally dissolved. If you intend to engage into such legal transactions as Marriage with a foreign citizen, applying for a citizenship in a non – USA country, processing an Adoption or Inheritance outside of the United States you may be asked for submitting a verified by a county clerk (in some U.S. states), apostilled or legalized Judgment of Divorce of Divorce Decree. Authentication slip certifies the signature and the legal capacity of the official, who has executed the document, and Apostille certifies a signature of an official (usually a County Clerk), who authenticated the document, in a country where the Apostille (Hague) Convention Abolishing the Requirement for Legalization of Foreign Public Documents, is in force. If the State you intend to take the documents to is not a party of the Hague Convention a Certification will be issued by the U.S. Secretary of State which will require further Embassy Legalization before sending the document to the destination dountry.

We can Retrieve Certified copies of a Divorce Decree or Judgment from any Court in the USA, get the document authenticated apostilled or legalized and, of course, translate all the documents into the language of the country where you need to use them.

Apostille on Court Order regarding Child Custody and Visitation

If a parent intends to initiate Child Support enforcement procedure in a foreign country, but Decision regarding child custody was made by a court overseas, a custody parent can be required to attach an apostilled Child Custody Order as an initial evidence for legal authorities.

Adoption Decree Apostille

If your child was adopted and you both moved overseas, Adoption Decree with Apostille might be required in order to prove your relation to a child.

Judgment of Name Change Apostille

In case if you recently changed your name and suddenly have to leave a country, and your Permanent Resident Card, Travel Document or foreign passport are still contain your previous name, because the trip was urgent and you did not have enough time to make necessary changes to your documents, legalized or apostilled Judgment of Name Change is the only document proving to the border officers that your name was legally changed, and, accordingly, verifying your identity.

Certificate of Disposition (Letter of Disposition) Apostille

If you apply for a permanent residency in a foreign country, and submitted the Certificate of Police Clearance, which shows the records of your arrest, foreign officials would ask you for apostilled Certificate of Disposition indicating the current status of a case or its final disposition. Failure to submit the document may result in denies granting you the permanent residency.

Last Will and Testament Apostille

If the Last Will or Testament is produced in one foreign country and you intend to inherit a property located overseas, a Will executor in a non-USA country may ask you for an apostilled Last Will.

Apostille on Medical Treatment Authorization Forms

When you reside in one foreign country and your child undertakes a medical treatment in another foreign country, an Apostille for Medical Treatment Authorization Form, signed by you, is required, in order to give a physician overseas a permission to treat your child when he or she is in someone else’s care.

Health Care Proxy and Guardianship Legalization

If a legal instrument – Health Care Proxy or Guardianship is produced in one foreign country, and a patient, who appointed an agent to legally make healthcare decisions in behalf of him/her, is under medical treatment overseas and is incapable, you’ll need to get the documents apostilled or legalized in order you to execute the healthcare decisions stipulated in the proxy.

Apostille on Prenuptial Agreements

If Prenuptial Agreement is signed in one foreign country, and the spouses intend to initiate the divorce process in another country, the court might ask you to present apostilled Prenuptial Agreement between the parties in order to satisfy the material claims if any.

Apoling Solutions’ consular legalization and apostille service is the fastest and most professional document preparation service available. We’ll retrieve a proper document you may need, obtain an Apostille on it and provide certified translation of your legal document into the language of the country where you’ll use it. As for Apostille translation, we offer its translation for NO additional CHARGE!
To determine the specific requirements for your document to either be apostilled or legalized as well as the associated fees, please, contact us via website, email or phone for a FREE quote.