Corporate documents Apostille NYC

Obtaining an Apostille or legalizing corporate documents

Are you expanding your existing business into the overseas market, broadening your geographical presence outside of the United States, or moving your corporate office to another country? Perhaps you are engaged in a new venture in a foreign country, signing a partnership agreement with a foreign entity, or exporting goods and services. Whatever your international business focus or expansion, there are a number of documents that will need to be prepared and authenticated along the way so foreign governments and businesses can ensure that your company truly exists, is legal and reliable, and is in compliance with local, national and international regulations.

In addition to the standard corporate documents (Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Bylaws, Certificates of Amendment, Merger Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements, and so forth) you will need Authorization Letters and Letters of Good Standing to open bank accounts and conduct transactions overseas.

Legalizing/apostilling business documents

Each of these documents may be perfectly legal in the United States, however, in order to be used overseas each will need to be authenticated. The authentication process varies depending on the country or countries in which you will be doing business. For example, member countries of the Hague Convention of 1961 (currently 80 countries, 79 states, and one Regional Economic Integration Organization) require a stamp of authenticity known as a “document apostille”. Other countries require a Certificate of Authenticity from the U.S. Office of Authentications or U.S. Department of State, but may also require further stamps and seals including Consular certification by your embassy and theirs.

It is important to pay attention to signatures, some of your documents, even those of the same type, may be signed by state officials while others are signed by federal officials. Other corporate documents are prepared by the company itself with signatures notarized by a local notary. To obtain a corporate document apostille signed by state officials or a local notary, you must send your documents to the designated Competent Authority in the state where the document was issued. No state can apostille a document issued by another state, and the U.S. Department of State will almost never issue an apostille for any state issued documents; however, they will provide a Certificate of Authenticity if your document is not going to a Hague Convention country. Federal signatures must go to the U.S. Department of State because documents issued by the federal government or signed by a federal officer, an American Consular Officer, or a military notary or Judge Advocate go through the federal apostille process.

Corporate documentation translation into required language

Once you receive your apostille, you will want to have it and your documents translated. Most countries will not consider documents “legal” unless they are translated into the language of the country in which they will be presented. Accepted translations must meet legal certification and notarization requirements.

Before you do any business in a Hague Convention country, verify which documents you need to apostille, sort out the apostille requirements, and get required certificates. With an apostille certificate, it is possible for a notary public or company employee to sign corporate documents under powers of attorney, prepare change of name documents, sign affidavits and more. Apostille certificates can ensure that all business practices take place under a full legal guarantee.

Having documents apostilled when you are overseas can be time-consuming and troubling. Time differences, mailing costs, and other obstacles can make the process seem impossible. If you find yourself in this situation, you may want to consider using a document retrieval service.

Why seek for professional assistance

Tight timelines (many certified documents are only considered valid for an apostille for 6 months), inconsistent application procedures, and varied requirements based on your destination country or countries just add to the frustration of the apostille and translation process. To ensure your documents are processed properly and in time, you should seriously consider using a professional apostille company. These are services you can’t afford to have performed improperly.

Apoling Solutions is a full-service apostille, translation, and document retrieval service company familiar with international law, business regulations and the business laws of most foreign countries. Apoling Solutions understands the details and potential challenges of the corporate documents apostille process, and will ensure your documents are properly legalized. This means that from one location, Apoling Solutions retrieves documents, orders certified copies, apostilles and authenticates documents, translates, certifies translations, and expedites your documents back to you.

Document retrieving services

Once you let Apoling Solutions know your requirements, they will obtain the proper apostilles from any of the 50 U.S. states and/or the U.S. State Department depending on your needs. If you live overseas, Apoling Solutions will retrieve your corporate documents and apostilles for you.

With Apoling Solutions, you need to contact just one agency regardless of where you live or how many document apostilles you need. Even better, you have peace of mind knowing that your documents will be legal, accepted, and not require any additional services because they are guaranteed to align with all international and domestic requirements.